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Aberdeen Area Office - Facility Engineer Accountant Accounting Clerk Accounting Officer Accounting Tech Accounting Technician Accounts Receivable Tech Accounts Receivable Technician Administration Secretary Administrative Assistant Administrative Officer Administrative Secretary Administrative Specialist Administrative Support Assistant Administrative Support Clerk AIH - Contract Health Clerk AIH - Medical Technologist AIH - Pharmacist AIH - Pharmacy Technician AIH - Registred Nurse Anesthesiologist Application Systems Analyst Appointment Clerk Architect Area Diabetes Consultant Area Director Area Nurse Consultant ARNP Associate Director Attorney Audiologist Auditor Behavioral Health Assistant Behavioral Health Consultant Behavioral Health Social Worker Behavioral Health Specialist Belknap Clinical Assistant Belknap Dental Technician Belknap Registered Nurse Benefit Coordinator Benefits Coordinator Biller Billing Billing Clerk Billing Tech Billing Technician BioMed Technician Biomedical Engineering Tech Biomedical Equipment Technician BMET Boiler Operator Boiler Plant Operator Budget & Accounting Analyst Budget Analyst Budget Assistant Budget Technician Business Office Business Office - Billing Technician Business Office Assistant Business Office Clerk Business Office Manager Business Office Supervisor Business Office Technician CAC Cardiologist Carpenter Case Manager Cashier CEO CEO Secretary Certified Medical Assistant Certified Nurse Assistant Certified Nurse Midwife Certified Nursing Assistant Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Chief Dental Officer Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Information Officer Chief Medical Officer Chief Nurse Executive Chief of Optometry Chief Pharmacist Child Mental Health Therapist CHR CHR - Staff CHS CHS clerk CHS Supervisor CHS Technician Civil Engineer Civil Engineering Tech Civil Engineering Technician Civilian Pay Technician Claims Clerk Claims Examiner Clerk Clincal Nurse Clinic Nurse Clinical Application Coordinator Clinical Applications Coordinator Clinical Assistant Clinical Care Coordinator Clinical Dietitian Clinical Director Clinical LPN Clinical Nurse Clinical Nurse (ER) Clinical Nurse - ER Clinical Nurse ER Clinical Nurse RN Clinical Nurse Specialist Clinical Nurse [C] Clinical Pharmacist Clinical Psychologist CMA CNA CNM Coder Community Health Nurse Community Health Representative Community Health Worker Compliance Officer Computer Assistant Computer Operator Computer Specialist Construction Control Inspector Construction Inspector Construction Representative Consultant Contact Representative Contract Dental Assistant Contract Dentist Contract Health Clerk Contract Health Services Contract Health Services Clerk Contract Health Specialist Contract Health Supervisor Contract Health Technician Contract Nurse Contract Representative Contract Specialist Contracting Officer Contracting Specialist Contractor Cook Cook Supervisor CoStep Counselor Counselor Aide Credentialing CRNA CT Technician CT Technologist Custodial Worker Custodian Data Entry Data Entry Clerk DDS Dental Dental - Dental Assistant Dental Assistant Dental Assistant Supervisor Dental Asst Dental Hygenist Dental Hygienist Dental Officer Dental Receptionist Dentist Deputy Chief Pharmacist Deputy Director Deputy Director DSFC Diabetes Coordinator Diabetes Educator Diabetes Secretary Diagnostic Rad Technologist Diagnostic Radiologic Technician Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist Dietary - Cook Dietary Supervisor Dietetic Technician Dietician Dietitian Director Director DSFC Director of Nursing Director of Professional Services District Engineer District Environmental Health Officer District Sanitarian DO Doctor Dr. Driver Electrician Emergency Medicine Physician EMS EMT EMT Intern EMT Supervisor EMT-Basic EMT-Paramedic Engineer Engineer Consultant Engineer Tech Engineer Technician Engineering Tech Engineering Technician Environmental Engineer Environmental Health Environmental Health Officer Environmental Health Specialist Environmental Health Technician Equipment Specialist ER Nurse ER Physician Executive Officer Fabric Worker Facilities Engineer Facilities Manager Facilities Worker Facility - Boiler Plant Operator Facility Director Facility Engineer Facility Manager Family Nurse Practitioner Family Physician Family Practice MD Family Practice Physician Field Engineer Field Sanitarian File Clerk Finance Officer Financial Analyst Fitness Specialist Fitness Technician FNP Food Service Worker Foodservice Worker Force 3 VOIP Engineer Forklift Operator General Attorney General Engineer General Supply Specialist Grants Management Specialist Health Director Health Education Technician Health Educator Health Planner Health Promotion Coordinator Health System Administrator Health System Specialist Health Systems Administrator Health Systems Specialist Health Tech Health Technician HIM - Medical Records Technician Hospitalist House Keeper House Supervisor Housekeeper Housekeeping Housekeeping - Custodial Worker Housekeeping Aid Housekeeping Aide Housekeeping Aide Supervisor Housekeeping Supervisor Housing Manager HPDP Program Specialist HPDP Specialist HR Assistant HR Specialist Human Resource Assistant Human Resource Specialist Human Resources Assistant Human Resources Specialist Human Resources Specialist [ER/LR] I.T. Specialist IHS Clinical Nurse IHS DDU Social Services Assistant IHS Dietary Cook IHS Medical Support Assistant IHS Motor Vehicle Operator IHS Registered Nurse Infection Control Information Receptionist Information Technology Specialist Injury Prevention Coordinator Injury Prevention Specialist Institutional Environmental Health Officer Intern Internal Medicine Physician Inventory Management Specialist IT - IT Specialist IT Specialist IT Specialist - Customer Support IT Specialist Customer Support Janitor Lab Lab - Medical Technician Lab - Medical Technologist Lab Aide Lab Supervisor Lab Tech Lab Technician Laboratory Supervisor Laboratory Tech Laboratory Technician Laborer LAN Specialist Lead Accounts Receivable Lead Clinical Nurse Lead Health Technician Lead Medical Support Assistant Lead Security Guard Lead Security Officer Licensed Medical Social Worker Licensed Practical Nurse Loan Repayment Analyst LPN M.D. Mail Clerk Maintenance Maintenance Foreman Maintenance Helper Maintenance Mechanic Maintenance Mechanic Helper Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor Maintenance Supervisor Maintenance Technician Maintenance Worker Management Analyst Material Handler Materials Handler MCH MCH Nurse MD MD Anesthesiologist MD Emergency Medicine MD Family Practice MD Internal Medicine MD OB/GYN MD Pediatrician MD Surgeon Mechanical Engineer Medical & Student Health Trainee Medical Assistant Medical Assitant Medical Clerk Medical Clerk (OA) Medical Coder Medical Director Medical Doctor Medical Lab Aide Medical Lab Technician Medical Laboratory Aide Medical Laboratory Technician Medical Officer Medical Officer (GP) Medical Officer-Internist Medical Officer/ER Medical Record Clerk Medical Record Tech Medical Record Tech. Medical Record Technician Medical Records Medical Records Administrator Medical Records Clerk Medical Records Coder Medical Records Supervisor Medical Records Tech Medical Records Tech. Medical Records Technician Medical Records Technician (Coder) Medical Records Technician - PCC Coder Medical Records Technicians Medical Secretary Medical Social Worker Medical Staff - Medical Officer Medical Staff Coordinator Medical Student Medical Supply Technician Medical Support Medical Support Assistance Medical Support Assistant Medical Support Assistant (OA) Medical Support Assistant [OA] Medical Support Asst Medical Support Clerk Medical Support Technician Medical Technician Medical Technologist Mental Health Child Specialist Mental Health Specialist Mental Health Technician Mental Health Therapist Messenger MLT Motor Vehicle Operator MRT-Coder MSA MVO Network Engineer Network Specialist NN EMT Nurse Nurse Aide Nurse Assistant Nurse Case Manager Nurse Consultant Nurse Educator Nurse Midwife Nurse Practioner Nurse Practitioner Nurse Recruiter Nurse Specialist Nurse's Aid Nurses Assistant Nursing Nursing - Clinical Nurse Nursing - Medical Support Assistant Nursing - Nursing Assistant Nursing - Practical Nurse Nursing Assistant Nursing Asst Nursing Informatics Specialist Nursing Student Nursing Supervisor Nutritionist NWHC - CNM NWHC - Nurse OA Clerk OB Nurse OB/GYN Physician Occupational Therapist Office Assistant Office Associate Office Automation Assistant Office Automation Clerk Office Manager Office Specialist Operating Room Nurse Operator Ophthalmologist Optometrist Optometry Clerk Optometry Tech Optometry Technician OR Technician Oral Surgeon Orthopedic Surgeon PA Pathologist Patient Advocate Patient Benefit Coordinator Patient Benefits Coordinator Patient Contact Representative Patient Navigator Patient Reg Clerk Patient Registration Patient Registration Clerk PCC Data Entry Pediatric Dentist Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Pediatrician Performance Improvement Coordinator Pharmacist Pharmacist Contract Pharmacy Pharmacy - Pharmacist Pharmacy - Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy - Supervisory Pharmacist Pharmacy Aid Pharmacy Consultant Pharmacy Intern Pharmacy Resident Pharmacy Student Pharmacy Tech Pharmacy Tech. Pharmacy Technician Pharmicist Phlebotomist PHN PHN Secretary PHN Supervisor Physical Therapist Physical Therapy Assistant Physician Physician - Contractor Physician Assistant Physician Assistant [C] Physician [C] Physician's Assistant Podiatrist Policy Analyst Practical Nurse Procurement Technician Program Analyst Program Assistant Program Assistant (OA) Program Director Program Manager Program Specialist Program Support Assistant Programmer Project Engineer Project Manager Project Officer Property & Supply Technician Provider Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Psychiatrist Psychologist PT Assistant Public Affairs Specialist Public Health Advisor Public Health Analyst Public Health Nurse Public Health Nutritionist Purchased Referred Care - Medical Support Assistant Purchased Referred Care Clerk Purchasing Agent R.N. Radiologic Technologist Radiologist Radiology Radiology Supervisor Radiology Tech Radiology Technician Radiology Technician [C] Radiology Technologist Realty Specialist Receptionist Recreation Specialist Recruiter Registarted Nurse Register Nurse Registered Nurse Registered Nurse [C] Registration Clerk Research Program Assistant Residential ADvisor Respiratory Therapist Risk Manager RN RN/Clinical Nurse Safety & Occupational Health Specialist Safety Officer Sanitarian Scheduling Clerk SCN Secretary Secretary (OA) Secretary (Typing) Secretary BHS Security Security - Security Guard Security Guard Security Officer Security Officer-Sergeant Security Supervisor Senior Community Health Representative Senior Community Health Worker Senior Environmental Engineer Senior Field Engineer SFIH Housekeeping Aid SFIH Medical Assistant SFIH Medical Record Tech SFIH Pharmacist SFIH Registered Nurse Site Manager Social Hygiene Technician Social Service Aide Social Service Assistant Social Work Associate Social Worker Sr Pharmacist Sr. Community Health Representative Sr. Field Engineer SSA Staff Assistant Staff Dental Officer Staff Dentist Staff Engineer Staff Nurse Staff Pharmacist Staff Physician Staff Surgeon Statistician Student Student Training Accounts Substance Abuse Counselor Substance Abuse Program Specialist Substance Abuse Therapist Supervisor Supervisory Clinical Nurse Supervisory Clinical Nurse (SCN) Supervisory Contract Specialist Supervisory Dental Assistant Supervisory Dental Officer Supervisory Dietitian Supervisory General Engineer Supervisory General Supply Specialist Supervisory Health System Specialist Supervisory Health Systems Specialist Supervisory Human Resources Specialist Supervisory IT Specialist Supervisory IT Specialist [INFOSEC] Supervisory Maintenance Mechanic Supervisory Medical Records Technician Supervisory Medical Technologist Supervisory Pharmacist Supervisory Security Guard Supervisory Social Worker Supply Supply Clerk Supply Clerk (OA) Supply Management Specialist Supply Specialist Supply Supervisor Supply Tech Supply Technician Support Service Supervisor Support Services Supervisor Surgeon Switchboard Operator Systems Accountant TB Technician Teacher Technical Writer Telephone Operator Tractor Operator Training Room Transportation Travel Management Specialist Tribal Chairwoman Tribal CHR Tribal Health Educator Tribal Physician Tribal Utility Consultant TSCN Ultrasound Technologist User Support Specialist Utility System Operator Utility System Repair Operator Utility Systems Repair Operator Volunteer Voucher Examiner Ward Clerk Warehouse Worker Web Application Developer Web Applications Developer Wellness Coordinator Whse Training Account X-Ray X-Ray Technician X-Ray Technologist